It is a very versatile bracelet "because it is an expression of your personality" and the unique bond you wish to seal. The precious thread of which it is made, whether it is 750% gold or 925% silver, will be made with the mesh that you like most, the one that will best represent your union. Whether it's a Venetian blind or a rollo sweater, a ponytail or a classic chain, you can choose it in golden yellow, a warm, sunny and communicative colour; in white, a timeless, classic and refined colour; in pink, a soft, romantic and discreet nuance, or in a burnished, new, bold and decisive colour. Your wrists will dictate the measurements of the bracelet welded to your Legamidicuore wrist, which will be cut for you and in front of you and only after having "built" your bracelet, will it be welded onto your wrists. Your bracelet is unique and there will never be one one equal to another, just like the important bonds between people.


It is the bracelet soldered to the wrist in 750% gold or 925% silver. Symbol of a precious, lasting bond, without interruptions, closures, knots. Soldering on the wrist is safe, very fast and will allow you to have a new experience: being the protagonists of an artisanal and laboratory activity in a welcoming and comfortable context, our shop. And now some info on welding techniques. By welding we mean the technique that allows two pieces of metal or metal alloys or different materials to be joined together under the action of heat and pressure. Generally these are two pieces with base metal (the one from which the pieces to be welded are made) or pieces of filler metal to create welded joints that connect multiple metal pieces to each other giving continuity. The technique we use is fusion welding which is obtained as a result of a clearly localized fusion of the edges of the pieces to be welded through the use of laser.